A Yummy Dish


These are my regular stomping grounds. They'd love to meet you, I'm sure.

  • Michael Ruhlman's Blog
    If you can only stand to read ONE blog about food, read this one! Ruhlman keeps up to date on serious food issues, trends, and is an outstanding source of knowledge. Author of The Soul of a Chef and The Making of a Chef, he is an invaluable resource. Bourdain also swings by occasionally to spray drivel on the walls.

  • News For Curious Cooks
    Harold McGee, food scientist and author of the essential On Cooking shares his thoughts on his blog.

  • Rouxbe
    World's Best Online Cooking School -- Confidently prepare amazing dishes with ease

  • Serious Eats
    Ed Levine new website, featuring blog selections from across the foodweb and great movies.