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about the gentleman gourmand
For 15 years I have worked and instructed in kitchens in Atlanta and Colorado, catered group events in Boston, was a personal chef and food truck consultant in San Francisco and currently am devising point-of-sale solutions for LevelUp.

I wrote Instrucktional (your guide to starting a profitable mobile food business in SF) with Matt Cohen of Off the Grid.

You can see my at my favorite Schezuan restaurant on the Food Network.

Having sampled every type of cuisine from low-country to high-brow across the US, Canada, Ecuador, France, Italy, Switzerland, Thailand, and Cambodia, I’ve determined that Rösti is the best dish to ever be created. (Craving Rösti or shredded potatoes in Boston? Go to PotatoFreak for NOT AVERAGE POTATO!)

what gentleman gourmand is about
I love sharing awesome foods with friends and family and I’m guessing you do too. When I find the best of the best (recipes, breakthrough techniques, food-hacks) I post about it here. You’ll also find personal video recipes with walkthroughs from shopping to plating.

the good stuff: bjornfoods
I’m the author of this site and owner of bjornfoods, a premium quarterly box of goodies for you to enjoy and share with fellow foodies (think swiss vinegar, high-quality HFCS-free gochujang, secret aardvark [world’s best hot sauce] and more).

Need to reach me? Drop me a line at baber@andrewbaber.com